Mobile Office Divider

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Standing 6' high* & 4' wide, our new, high performance divider is provides instant sound dampening and privacy.

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Mobile Office Divider

Mobile Office Divider

Looking for the perfect portable office divider? Our sleek & modern Mobile Office Divider is an excellent solution for creating quick cubicles or separating work stations against a wall. The Mobile Office Divider features a silver, clear anodised aluminium frame that’s as durable as it is stylish. The partition’s width is 2” thick, allowing for maximum privacy and sound-dampening with its acoustical fibreglass panel. The fabric panels are also fully-tackable on both sides, making this an ideal privacy screen for shared office cubicles, work stations, or as a portable art wall. A wheeled option with locking casters is also available.

*Standing tall at 6′ (1.83m) or 6′ 4″ (1.93m) with wheels (dimensions are nominal; refer to specification drawing for exact dimensions).

High performance, instant partition

The Mobile Office Divider’s caster design allows it to sit flush against a flat surface, making it ideal for turning any wall into a number of impromptu cubicles. The Mobile Office Divider is a popular room divider choice for application in schools, hotels, airports, waiting rooms, and more. A semi-transparent polycarbonate window can be included to provide visibility and light.
Note: this video demonstrates the Mobile Office Divider Plus with polycarbonate window


Mobile Office Divider Features:

Fiberglass acoustic room divider
Acoustically Superior Construction
Our acoustical fiberglass partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.

Aluminium room divider frame
All-aluminium Frame Construction
Our premium partitions feature frames constructed of extruded aluminium joined with cast aluminium corner joints for a lighter weight, strength, and maximum durability.

Room divider locking castor
Locking Caster
This partition features 3″ dual wheel locking casters on the full-sized panel end units.

Tackable surface
Tackable Surface
Our acoustical fabric panel option is tackable, allowing signage, art, or notes to be posted with pushpins.