Pre-Configured Modular Wall Cubicles (W Shape)

£2,779.55£3,236.10 (Exc. VAT)

Having been designed with use within a range of office spaces in mind, our Modular Wall product range can help to to meet your room divider and partition requirements within your commercial property. Of our many products, our Pre-Configured Modular Wall Cubicles (W Shape) are amongst the most popular due to their simplicity of use and installation.

Serving as prime solutions for creating individual work stations, or meeting spaces, Modular Wall Cubicles can be easily set up and relocated at will with their build allowing for free standing whether next to a wall or completely unaided. All of our Modular Walls also come with the addition of being available in the ‘electric version’ which integrates a hollow access panel through which cables and other electronic devices can be fed to keep them out of sight.

Customisability is at the heart of the W Shape Hush Cubicle and our team at Portable Partitions understands that every office space is unique. Due to this, we offer a range of additional customisations you can implement when choosing the right partition or divider for your property. To view the options available to you, click here.

Coming in heights of 6” to provide maximum privacy without making the space feel compact, our Modular Walls are available in a variety of widths based on the size of the space which you wish to segment. Please see the product images above for an accurate representation of the sizing. Contact our team at Versare if you’re unsure of how they can be implemented within your property.

When purchasing an ‘electric version’ of a Modular Wall we highly recommend that you look to get an electrician or IT team to carry out the fitting as our Panels do not come with any of the required electrical outlets or wiring to get your system online.



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