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Why Should You Hire Room Dividers for Events & Venues?

Image of an event venue.
Although most of the COVID restrictions have now been lifted for events and venues, it’s still important to follow the government guidelines on operating safely, managing your staff, reducing the risks to customers, and also managing your facilities. Room dividers...
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How Room Dividers Can Help Out During a Funeral Service

On Tuesday 23rd February, the First Minister made an announcement in Parliament outlining a road map out of lockdown. In terms of funerals this first stage has not made any immediate impact on the restrictions affecting funeral services.   Current...
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How Partitions Can Help Wedding Venues Safely Re-Open After Lockdown

The government’s recent announcements regarding the roadmap for easing lockdown includes details about weddings and when they may be able to restart. The Prime Minister had announced that weddings may be able to restart with little to no restrictions in...
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How Room Dividers & Partitions Can Help Large-Scale Venues To Safely Deliver Vaccinations

The NHS had recently announced that there will be more than 30 new NHS vaccine centres to start delivering vaccinations this week. Amongst the new vaccination centres, some notable venues have been transformed to deliver jabs safely, including the Black...
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Why Partitions & Room Dividers Are Needed In Vaccination Sites

As the government and the NHS continue their efforts with the mass vaccination programme across England, we have begun seeing greater numbers of people receiving vaccinations against the coronavirus. According to the NHS, in the week ending on 17th January...
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How Partitions Can Keep Your Customers Safe In Music Venues

As COVID-19 continues to be a risk, the government announced a new law which was effective from 14th September. It is now against the law for gatherings of more than six people in private homes, including outdoor spaces and gardens....
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Keeping your Customers COVID-19 Safe in the Cinema

  Cinemas have been able to open their doors since the 4th July when the government opened the leisure industry up again. It is often difficult to socially distance in cinemas when there has been a lot of tickets sold....
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Preparing Your Entertainment Venue for Reopening After COVID-19 Lockdown

Image of empty stage and seating areas at venue
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that entertainment venues such as music venues, theatres, and other performing spaces would be able to reopen and host indoor events with social distancing measures from August 1st. However, this is no longer the case....
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