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How Can EverPanels Benefit Schools?

With schools re-opening this week, the government has updated their guidance for reducing the transmission of coronavirus in schools. The introduction of new temporary measures aims to help manage the risks whilst also enabling high-quality face-to-face education for pupils. With...
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The Benefits of Acoustic Room Dividers for Libraries

  Whilst COVID restrictions had been lifted for libraries in July, libraries still should follow government advice on taking the necessary steps to control the spread of the coronavirus. Measures such as wearing face masks, using track and trace, regularly...
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Keeping Your School Safe with Custom Printed Room Dividers

Image of a school desk with books and a tablet on top.
With schools now being back in action and welcoming pupils once again, it’s essential that schools are taking precautions to keep students and teachers safe. Education is a fundamental part of life and being able to continue providing students with...
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Back To School – How Can Acoustic Partitions Benefit Schools?

An image of a classroom.
Now that schools are welcoming students back, it’s important that they continue to adhere to the COVID-19 government guidelines so that both staff and students are as safe as they can be. Some students and staff may be hesitant to...
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What Do The New Government Guidelines Mean for the Safety of Schools?

  Part of the recent government announcement on how the country is going to come out of lockdown stated that schools would be one of the first venues to be opened in order for the country to start to get...
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How Can Partitions & Dividers Help Schools During COVID-19 Pandemic?

  Schools initially went back in September for all pupils. Since September, we have seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases and a lot more people getting infected with the virus. Many schools have had to close down for a...
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How Partitions Can Keep Your Pupils & Staff Safe in School

How Partitions Can Keep your Pupils & Staff Safe in School Schools have gone back this month and already we have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. Many schools have had to close due to  pupils contracting the virus. We...
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What Do I Need to Do to Open my School Up After the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Many schools are now planning on how they’re going to open when the government say that it is safe for schools to open and children can get back to school. Each school will have a different plan depending on the...
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What Is Being Recommended To Protect Teachers Once Back At School After The COVID-19 Lockdown?

  With schools across the UK seeing a potential phased re-opening as the lockdown measures are eased, it’s become very important to consider what schools can do to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for staff, pupils, and teachers. Although...
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What Is Being Recommended To Protect Staff Once Back At School After The COVID-19 Lockdown?

Schools across the UK may see a ‘phased’ re-opening according to the Secretary of State. Although no date has been confirmed yet, it’s vital that schools are thinking about how they can safely maintain social distancing and good hygiene for...
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