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Preparing Your Retail Shop with Partitions Ahead of Christmas

Image of a retail shop during the Christmas period.
With Christmas on the horizon, many shoppers are now thinking about their Christmas shopping. According to a recent study on Statista, it’s estimated that footfall in retail parks will increase by 5.5% during the Christmas period in 2021. Buyer confidence...
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How Can Portable Partitions Help Car Showrooms Open Safely After Lockdown?

An image of a Car Dealership
Following the government roadmap to easing the lockdown restrictions, all non-essential retail has been allowed to reopen on 12th April 2021, including car dealerships and car showrooms (other than for rental). Safety measures will need to be in place in...
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How Can Portable Partitions Help Shopping Centres Open Safely After Lockdown?

An image of a woman clothes shopping with a mask on
As of Monday 12th April 2021, shopping centres in England can open again and welcome customers into the shops. Many customers have had to resort to online shopping because of the recent lockdown. However, now shops are open, many customers...
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How Can Hairdressers Safely Re-open After Lockdown?

Following the government’s roadmap for bringing the UK out of lockdown, light has been shed on non-essential retails such as hairdressers and personal care services. The roadmap entails a four-stage approach to the restriction lifts and it estimates that hairdressers...
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How Can Portable Partitions Help With England’s Gradual Lockdown Ease?

The government had recently announced that the England lockdown will be seeing gradual ease in stages. According to the Government website, the number of coronavirus cases in the UK has been reported to be on a downwards trend as the...
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How Can Portable Partitions & Dividers Help Essential Businesses Operating in Tier 4 Lockdown?

With approximately 20 million more people having been put into Tier 4 restrictions after the government’s announcement, the country seems to be toughening measures in order to slow down the infection rates of coronavirus. However, although these tough restrictions are...
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