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How Can Portable Partitions Help Public Libraries Open Safely After Lockdown?

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The government’s roadmap for coming out of lockdown states that all non-essential retail will be able to reopen on 12th April and this includes public libraries. As library services are all indoors, safety measures and precautions need to be in...
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How Room Dividers Can Help Gyms To Safely Re-Open After Lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement regarding the roadmap for coming out of lockdown in England. Within the roadmap, gyms have been said that they could re-open from 12th April 2021, if they meet the strict requirements. This news...
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How Can Partitions & Dividers Help Shops During COVID-19 Pandemic?

  Essential shops and supermarkets have been open to the public throughout most of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re very difficult places to control the virus because there are so many people coming in and out of the facility. It is...
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Keeping your Customers COVID-19 Safe in the Cinema

  Cinemas have been able to open their doors since the 4th July when the government opened the leisure industry up again. It is often difficult to socially distance in cinemas when there has been a lot of tickets sold....
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How Partitions Can Keep Customers Safe At Bowling Alleys

  Bowling Alleys have have it tough  over the last 6 months with them being one of the last businesses to open post COVID-19 lockdown. It has been frustrating, however, necessary because of the level of risk. The industry was...
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