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Portable Partitions Company Helps Set Up COVID Inoculation Cubicles for Hospitals

Following the approval for the use of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK, many GP surgeries, hospitals, and other medical practices are now setting up vaccination centres. More than 100 locations across England will have the vaccine delivered to them...
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Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital Invests in COVID Mitigation Products to Protect Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

[caption id="attachment_14752" align="alignright" width="500"] Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital 360 Polycarbonate Room Dividers[/caption] Located in South-West Essex, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides medical services for 405,000 people living in the area and nearby. With the current...
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How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in our Hospitals.

  COVID-19 has damaged thousands of peoples lives around the UK. Infections are rising rapidly and ICU beds are filling up quickly. This isn’t great news for the UK as we needed to keep the virus under control. Boris Johnson...
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How Room Divider 360 Portable Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Healthcare

Portable Partitions Company has a Room Divider 360 that can protect the Healthcare and Other Key Workers. Manufactured in the UK to the highest European Standard, the portable partitions protect patients, staff and visitors the opportunity to reduce germs going...
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How Partitions Can Reduce COVID-19 Viral Infections in Hospitals

COVID-19 has affected many people’s lives and will continue have a huge impact on the NHS who is in coming under huge amounts of stress. They’re stretched like never before and need more equipment to help fight the spread of...
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