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How Room Dividers Can Be Beneficial for Hotels & Accommodations

Now that the travel industry is starting up again, hotels and accommodations will be seeing more tourists and visitors into their premises. Recently, there have been changes to the international travel rules for hotels on managing guests who are quarantining...
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How Can Pubs and Restaurants Prepare for Safe Re-opening After Lockdown?

With the recent announcement of the roadmap for bringing the UK out of the third lockdown, Boris Johnson had confirmed that pubs, cafes, and restaurants will be able to reopen their doors to customers on the 12th April at the...
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How Are Pharmacies Delivering Vaccinations During COVID?

  As of the 14th of January 2021, vaccinations have been distributed to a number of High-Street pharmacies as the NHS continues to accelerate the biggest vaccination program in history. The big franchise stores, such as Boots and Superdrug as...
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How Room Dividers & Protection Screens Can Help Pharmacies With Vaccinations

Some High Street pharmacies in England will now be able to start vaccinating people from the priority groups according to a recent announcement from the Prime Minister. There are 200 pharmacies in England that will be providing vaccinations in the...
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Why Room Dividers & Protection Screens are Needed in GP Practices and Vaccine Hubs

The latest NHS COVID deployment plan aims to vaccinate up to 5,000 people per day at each mass vaccination centre. As a result, thousands of hospital staff will be joining this drive with aims to vaccinate all adults in England...
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Leonard Cheshire Invests in Helping Relatives to Have Face to Face Visits During the COVID Lockdown

The leading disability charity Leonard Cheshire had invested in a range of COVID-19 protective equipment in light of the recent government guidelines for coronavirus. In order to continue allowing relatives to spend time together safely and having face to face...
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How Partitions Can Help Your Restaurant During the Second Wave of COVID-19

  The whole of the hospitality industry is suffering at the moment. Pubs and Bars have had to close in some of the big cities in the UK including Liverpool & Manchester. However, the government have allowed pub & restaurants...
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Keeping your Guests COVID-19 Safe in your Pub

  Pubs have been able to open their doors since the 4th July when the government opened the hospitality industry up again. It is often difficult to socially distance in pubs as some are enclosed spaces with little room. The...
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