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Portable Partitions Company Supplies COVID Mitigation Products for Warwick University

Image of the exam hall with modular wall systems at Warwick University.

As the government restrictions slowly ease, schools and universities are now preparing for running exams. The government have worked closely with Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care to develop a set of guidelines for implementing COVID-19 prevention measures in schools and universities.

By implementing these systems, it can help to create a safer environment for staff and pupils as it reduces the risk of transmitting COVID-19 substantially.

The experts at Portable Partitions Company were tasked with assessing the needs of a university in Warwick and providing the right solutions for their examination rooms to make them safer and compliant with government guidelines.


How Portable Partitions Company Helped

After assessing the university’s needs, the experts recommended hiring modular wall systems which were perfect for the needs of the university. These modular wall systems are the highest sound-dampening product in the range, making them ideal for exam situations. The modular walls can be easily configured to suit a range of table configurations without needing any tools. Our range of modular walls helped the university to maintain social distancing in the indoor space by separating their table and creating individualised cubicle spaces for students to sit in.


Image of modular wall systems in the exam hall at Warwick University.

Partitioning the Seating Areas

The university required the seating areas in the exam hall to be separated and socially distanced so that they can protect staff and students while they sat the exam. Maintaining a controlled environment where students can take their exams and staff can supervise was the top priority. With the range of modular walls, the experts at Portable Partitions Company were able to come up with a tailored layout that effectively separates the tables whilst maximising space.

In addition, one of the great benefits of using the modular walls is that they offer the highest level of sound-dampening in the product range which can help students to concentrate better during their exams.


Creating a One-Way System

The modular walls were also hired to create a one-way system in the exam hall. The flow of traffic would only be moving in one direction to reduce contact between staff and students. These partitions are very cost-effective and can be customised to suit different requirements.

Warwick University was very happy with the quality of products and service that was provided and this is what they said about their experience:

“We have been working with the Portable Partition Company for over 5 years now and believe we would struggle to find another supplier able to deal as efficiently and flexibly with our ever-changing needs and locations. The whole team are friendly and professional, and they work tirelessly on our large exam setup, constantly checking that the erection of the screen matches our exact needs. Alex works with our team from the start to finish of each project, guaranteeing that there are no hitches on the setup day, and provides a calm head when things change last minute (as they inevitably do!) to ensure that this crucial part of our set up can be completed on time, every time.”


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