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Portable Partitions Company Provides Room Dividers & Partitions for Macmillan Cancer Support

About Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the leading charities in supporting those who are affected by cancer. With millions of supporters, volunteers, professionals, and campaigners, this charity strives to help patients live life as fully as they can. From offering a wide range of training courses and organising incredible fundraisers to campaigning for change and working with politicians across the UK to improve support at every stage of cancer, Macmillan is at the forefront of cancer support.

There are six Macmillan support centres in the UK that have been specifically designed to care for those who have been affected by cancer. Some of these centres offer counselling services, complementary therapies, and courses to help those going through cancer treatment.

Every year, over 67,000 people are helped in their cancer care and treatment buildings. All of their support centres have teams of trained volunteers and experts who are there to listen to you, provide advice, and give answers to any questions that you might have.


How Portable Partitions Company Helped

Macmillan has support centres all across the UK and they are usually located in libraries, hospitals, and community centres. In order to set up different zones in these areas for their services, the experts at Portable Partitions had been asked to assess and recommend the most suitable room dividers to help create dedicated spaces for their activities.

After assessing the space and the requirements of the charity, our experts provided recommendations on the types of room dividers that would be most suitable for creating different zones in the support centre.


Dividing Areas to Create Dedicated Zones

Using our custom-printed range of modular walls, we created themed and branded room dividers to help separate the many areas within these support facilities. Macmillan required different zones as they provide support for patients with exercise areas, sitting and relaxation areas, chemo ward zones, and more.

Our modular walls are extremely cost-effective and fully customisable which was perfect for the needs of Macmillan. We could create work areas and cubicle areas for seating, all whilst being branded and themed to match their purpose. For the exercise area, our modular walls are the perfect fit for the job as they are built with durable aluminium posts.

As the space in the support centre was very open, we could implement these modular walls in a variety of intuitive configurations that maximised the space available whilst also creating dedicated zones that weren’t too small.


Creating Relaxing Seating Areas

One of the other requirements for our room dividers was to create a seating zone where people can just sit and relax. Our modular walls boast great sound-dampening properties which reduce the level of noise that people hear when they are inside the seating areas. This greatly increases privacy and makes the seating zone more relaxing.

The room dividers also helped to implement the clear separation between areas so that people will be able to navigate and find their area in an easier way.


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