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Adaptable Spaces

Although the overall headcount in offices remains reasonably static across Australia, offices still need to better maximise and utilise their space.

Many businesses have the need for training, functions, workshops and meetings but simply do not have the space for each. Often large rooms may need to be split to create smaller defined working spaces with an acoustic barrier between colleagues.

Maximum space versatility and adaptability is therefore critical to accommodate multiple requirements – often at short notice.


Flexible Space Solutions

We can help make better use of your existing space through intelligent space saving or space enhancing portable office room dividers and partitions.

We offer a range of products that are purpose built for office or corporate settings. They are designed to provide a temporary or semi-permanent solutions and offer maximum flexibility in terms of room configuration.

Costly building work and unadaptable spaces can be avoided by considering cheaper and more versatile portable office dividers.


Portable Office Room Divider Benefits

Sound absorbing materials are used on many of our office dividers, thus creating excellent noise barriers.

A private space, split space, meeting room, training room or break out area can be created in a matter of seconds – for however long it’s required.

Easy to fold, move and store.