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Shooting a blockbuster movie on location comes with a unique set of problems. Especially when the location in question is one of the busiest places in London. That was the challenge facing the Pinewood Studios production team during the making of The Bourne Ultimatum staring Matt Damon.

Within Waterloo Station’s busy platforms and concourse areas the production team needed to set up secure temporary work areas for make up artists, wardrobe, rehearsal areas and green room space for the many extras involved in the filming. The production team at Pinewood Studios turned to the Portable Partition Company to help provide the right solutions using our Room Divider products.

But this isn’t the only claim to fame for our screens… They have also been used in the making of National Treasure 2 staring Nicholas Cage and The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

However until now our screens have always played a supporting role. But that is all set to change with Sony’s new production of The Girl in A Spider’s Web, where our sleek 360 Polycarbonate product will make its on screen debut.

The previous productions the spaces created needed to be quick and easy to set up and the Room Divider products provided by the Portable Partition Company were the perfect solution.

The products had to be easily manoeuvrable to meet a rapidly changing spatial requirement. And with space being at such a premium, whenever not in use, our products needed to take up as little space as possible when being stored. As well as providing security and privacy they had to create a pleasant, if temporary, working environment for both the cast and crew.

All our products are available for either purchase or hire and bespoke solutions are available. Our Room Divider products offer a variety of colour and finish options as well as other benefits such as sound absorption.

Our 360 Polycarbonate Screens set to make their ‘Screen Debut’

Even if you’re not filming the next blockbuster, if you need an effective and flexible solution to meet your spatial planning requirements don’t hesitate in giving our team a call today on 01684 298833 or contact


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Facilities & premises managers need to know that they’re making the most of their workspace. The time of cubicles and satellite office space has gone a long time ago, and in the era of collaborative working and corporate flex, many managers these days need to accommodate multiple needs within the same space.

This works quite well until you need to partition your workers for more than one project at a time. At that point you realize that putting up a wall through the middle of your office is neither feasible nor cost efficient.

This is where Portable Partitions come in.


The Project At A Glance

Who: Jones Lang-LeSalle

Product Used: 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider Poly/Fabric hybrid

Solution Overview

Portable Partitions Company, are the market’s leading supplier of portable room dividers and mobile partitions engineers and manufacturers in the UK. PPC were approached by Jones Lang LaSalle to help create a dynamic multi-purpose office space for one of their clients. The goal was to create an easy way to partition a large and open office space, with the ability to set up alternate partitions on different days, quickly and efficiently.

Manuel Ortega, Senior Facilities Manager for Jones Lang LaSalle commented, ‘Currently my client has one large room on the lower ground floor of their office block that is generally used as a corporate playground. By utilising portable room dividers, this room has now been turned into a more flexible work/game space.The client wanted to incorporate bright and vibrant colours that matched the office’s current colourful and stylish outlook.

Luckily, Portable Partition’s 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider was a perfect fit. In fact, the dividers were used to convert a large amount of previously underutilised space into a hub of activity. Most notably, a large section of dividers was used to create a conference room, right in the middle of the office, with perfect privacy and sound isolation.With these room dividers the client managed to:

  • Convert one large and uncomfortable office space into several separate rooms
  • Create an impressive conference room for team meetings.
  • Reduce the overall noise from other coworkers for all the employees in the office

The client seemed more than satisfied with one of the employees noting:

“I can’t believe we suddenly have a huge conference room in our office. It’s awesome.”

The Room Divider 360

The Room Divider 360® is a high-quality portable partition that helps you maximize the use of your facility’s space. We proudly build this room divider in our workshop in Tewkesbury enabling us to despatch directly, often for next day delivery.

This partition features a fully tackable, noise-reducing surface for posting signage or other documents. Each panel rotates 360° for infinite configuration possibilities using a patented 360 degree hinge. Unlike piano hinges used by other folding partitions, The Room Divider 360® hinge allows each panel to turn any direction, at any angle. Our patented no-pinch seams between each panel also reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched.

The Room Divider 360® also features a full panel end member, which increases acoustical properties by trapping sound, and also creates a finished look when used as an entrance. This feature also eliminates the tripping hazard caused by the U-frame design of other systems. Non-marking, low profile casters provide low clearance, meaning additional noise reduction and a lower center of gravity. There are no loose parts to lose, and The Room Divider 360® arrives fully assembled.

Each panel has an elegant extruded aluminium frame which makes it strong yet lighter than partitions with steel frames. Each aluminium panel frame is joined through a unique cast aluminum corner joint providing superior strength and durability.

For more information visit and speak to one of our consultants

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Photo Studio Gets Organised With Portable Partition Walls

portable partitions divider

Located in Malibu, Florida, the J. Paul Getty Museum exhibits a variety of ancient art and antiquities ranging from countries like Greece, Rome, and Etruria. The in-house photography studio (the Getty Villa) works to meticulously capture both the art and grounds on a regular basis. To add further flexibility to their photo studio, the museum sought a partition wall to divide the open space into two smaller spaces. A portable partition in particular was desired to accommodate various room sizes depending on scope and sizes of studio projects.

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